Ever since the Eliot Spitzer scandal, the story of the high-end prostitute has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue. I wouldn’t be surprised if a major motion picture came out sometime in the next few years with a similar story. Actually, that should probably be a definite.

Next month, Radar Magazine has an intense 5-page feature story coming out written by a young woman in New York named Jessica Pilot. Although, I’m not sure if any of it is real , she offers some amazing details of a world that seems too genuine to be a complete lie.

You can read the full story at the website, but here’s one excerpt from a conversation Ms. Pilot had with a young high-end prostitute. You tell me if you think it’s entirely possible some Wall Street hedge fund dude is capable of something like this:

Olivia recounts the time she was hired by a prominent hedge fund millionaire. “He took out all these large bills and placed them on the bed and said, ‘Don’t touch.’ I was instructed to take my clothes off, everything. No foreplay. So I got on the bed, and he just stood at the edge of the mattress and stared. He told me that all the money was going to be mine by the end of the night. They were all hundreds – maybe 50 of them. Once I got naked, he got on the bed and unzipped his pants and told me to start playing with myself. I kind of just laid there and faked an orgasm. He started jerking off, and he shot all over the money.” She smiles and hesitates for a moment before continuing.

“So then he grabs all of it in a bundle and throws it at me! I think he called me a dirty whore. Then he separated every bill and stuck them to my body. After he puts the last one across my mouth he looks at me and goes, ‘I told you it would be yours.'” As the client watched, Olivia peeled off the bills and put them in a plastic bag. When she got home she let the money soak in the kitchen sink overnight, blow-dried it, and used it to pay her landlady. “I couldn’t keep a straight face,” she recalls. But didn’t she find the experience upsetting? “You know, it was degrading, for sure. But so was cold-calling,” she says, referring to a job she briefly held as a fundraiser for a local political advocacy group.

That poor landlady.

Dude, if this isn’t a major selling point for a job on Wall Street/in business, I’m not sure what is. Not to condone any type of degrading act done to women (seriously, who gets excited cranking one out onto money, anyway?), but can you imagine the type of personality and income you need to possess to pull off a stunt like this? That’s a major power trip right there, with a bank account to match.

I strongly suggest you read the rest of this thing. It might even convince you to run a high-end prostitution ring, or maybe become an employee of one.

Radar: Secrets Of A Hipster Hooker, September 2008 via DealBreaker