When I used to go into McDonalds and get a coke I used to get a high quality thick straw that I could hold the wrapper, push down on the straw and out would come a fully intact straw. No breaks or bends that cause the sucking action to be diminished. I didn’t hyperventilate from gasping too much air while trying to draw a good hit of Mt. Dew. Go try and do that today. McDonalds and Steak and Shake seem to be the only companies that have this figured out. The shit I got at Wendy’s today (I don’t eat their food merely grabbing a diet Coke on ice) got a big old crack in it and ruined one my favorite drinks. I know you’re saying why are you all worked up over a stupid straw? The reason is simple. I don’t drink coffee (I know I ask for a tip for coffee but it always goes to a soda) and the only way to get my morning caffeine buzz is to drink soda. I can’t stand warm soda and don’t enjoy it out of a can so I have to turn to a cold, on ice, diet Coke. I drink several of these a day and it keeps me going. I have worked 12 days straight and get up at 5 am every morning to go running so its all I have to keep the motor running. Here’s where the straws get in the way. Corporate America is so concerned with keeping cost down that in addition to not hiring anyone to pick up trash or clean the bathrooms, they have decided to scrimp on straws. The gas stations are the worst. I have to open 5 straws carefully just to avoid a broken gaping hole. I figure this is the only way to keep the drinks $.69. Don’t tell anyone this but I actually keep a few extra straws in the console in case I get breakage. For those of you that still don’t get it. Imagine your coffee cup had a lid with no second hole. You can’t get a good sip of it and it would drive you crazy. Or it wasn’t insulated enough and was so hot you had to set it down between each sip. Now you know. I was thinking of shorting the companies with bad straws but then I thought they probably were having better quarters because of all the straw savings. They only thing worse than a faulty straw is broke and a faulty straw.