We’re not very political here at Made Man, but we would feel remiss if we did not in some way acknowledge the 2010 Congressional midterm elections which, according to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, are very, very important. So we took the national debt, which seems to be driving everyone crazy these days, crunched some numbers and figured out how much stuff $13.6 trillion could get a guy. As we discovered, that much money could buy plenty of Shake Weights, trillions of chicken wings and more than a million Olympic-sized swimming pools filled with pudding. Hey, we had the cash. We had to have the pudding.

us national debt, what it could buy, shake weights


1. Keg of Dos Equis ($140) at BevMo

2. From a 100-wing order ($52.89) at Wingstop

3. Cost from Harvard

4. Price of marijuana taken from story by Bloomberg and not from our dealer Todd

5. Based on a report that the divorce cost Woods $750 million

6. “Jersey Shore” estimate based on New York Daily News article

7. Price from Shake Weight website

8. Google stock currently selling at $615 per share (today)

9. High-end call girls cost $10,000 a night, and those at the low-end go for $75, according to the lonely hearts at Slate

10. Chinese military figures from Center for Strategic and International Studies

11. This one is complicated. Bear with us. An Olympic swimming pool holds 660,000 U.S. gallons, or 84,480,000 U.S. fluid ounces. This means 24,137,142.9 (3.5 ounce pudding cups) would fill a pool. This would cost $13,275,428.60 to fill one pool. One Hunt’s Pudding Cup Snack Pack is 3.5 ounces and costs $0.55. Meaning, with the US Debt ($13,662,616,518,656.92) we could fill up 1,029,166 Olympic-sized swimming pools with chocolate pudding.

12. Bill Gates is worth $54 billion, probably more as a gladiator

13. Price based on $300-per-square-foot estimate from The Seasteading Institute