There’s not many instances when a shelf gets to be anything other than a shelf. You put things on it and the shelf keeps them from being on the floor. And that’s pretty much it. End of story. This is boring.

Why settle for a plain old shelf? How about one that serves a few different purposes, while looking cool at the same time? The solution has come in the Digital Magnetic Shelf Clock, a shelf that has more uses than syllables in its name. The Digital Magnetic Shelf Clock attaches right to your wall. 12 centimeters high, 12 centimeters wide, and 90 centimeters long, the DMSC is small and frees up your room to give it an open feeling. And not only does it serve as place to put things on like CD’s, DVD’s, or books, it also clearly displays the time of day alongside a digital calendar, in case you somehow slept for months straight and weren’t aware how far into the year we were. The DMSC has you covered. And with a stainless steel front and wood sides, you’ll have the sweetest looking shelf in the neighborhood, guaranteed. The Digital Magnetic Shelf Clock is $158 and can be found here.