If you’re worried about what your record collection says about you to women, that probably means it needs an upgrade. Women care about things like a man’s taste in music—as they should! The music you listen to can say an awful lot about your personality, interests and what it might be like to be in a relationship with you.


Your age. Some music is considered classic and listened to by all age groups—think, The Rolling Stones. But sometimes, your record collection can be a dead giveaway to your age. Want to look like you were born in the 80s and not the late 70s? Keep that Electric Light Orchestra album out of your record collection.

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Your disposition. Are you more likely to be calm and laid back? Then you probably have some Coldplay or maybe some jazz albums in the mix. On the other hand, if you to dance and move, you’ll probably have more fun, upbeat music tempos in your collection.


Your income. Do you have three or four old records from back in your high school or college days lying around your house? Or do you have a full classical music collection with a high-tech record player and surround sound? Each of these setups will says something about your income to women.


Your self-esteem. Rock and heavy metal listeners, for example, tend to have low self-esteem and are more reserved than the average person. However, those who listen to the blues, rap or soul music tend to have higher self-esteem.


How cultured you are. If your record collection is filled with one hit wonders and cheesy pop artists, the woman who view it may question how cultured you are. In other words, they may think you’re dull and not so smart. More obscure artists will not only make you appear more cultured and well-rounded, these records will also up your points in intelligence and overall coolness, as well.