Online matchmaking has come a long way. Much of the stigma surrounding people meeting via the internet has faded. You need to look no further than OKCupid for proof. Healthy, vibrant people exist by the thousands, with all types of profiles. But what about your profile? What is it actually telling women? After all, what you say isn’t what you always mean. Read on to find out what your OKCupid profile really says about you.



1. Your Depth. Depth or lack thereof. You might have specific tastes, but riding out potential matches based on superficial details can be bad for business. At least, putting it in your profile is bad for business. Women don’t want someone who they feel is too judgmental. But by the same token, you can’t appear completely unconcerned with appearance. Be wary of phrases like “I don’t care about looks.” First, it’s a lie. Second, no woman wants to think you don’t care at all how she looks. You do care, and you should care just don’t tell her if that’s your sole basis for liking her.


2. How Fun You Are. Fun is a relative term. It can be twisted to fit anything. But regardless of your definition of what’s fun to you, you need to let that sense of fun shine through your OKCupid profile. Liven up your prose, try a little humor–tastefully, if possible–and generally be engaging. Appeal to your target audience as much as possible. Even if you’re a boring person, don’t seem boring.That’s not attractive to anyone.



3. How Smart You Are. Believe it or not, smart is sexy. A lot of people equate intelligence with success, and success can be attractive. Not only that, intelligence suggests a certain level of self-respect–you care enough about yourself to take enrichment seriously. Your profile doesn’t have to read like a doctoral thesis, but it should be coherent, even witty. If it seems like a belligerent thirteen-year-old wrote it, that’s bad. You’re sending the wrong message.