Why do I care? It seems Trading Markets thinks I do. Don’t get me wrong. I love Trading Markets and I will be subscribing to their ratings systems soon, but they have gone too far to attract new readers. They have put Internet Playmates on the front page of their website trying to promote their stock picking contest. They even sent me an email saying “Come see playmates’ stock picks and enter our trading contest” . I enjoy the playmates as much as the next guy, but I just don’t see them being very good stock advisors. Actors? Absolutely, they tend to have a lot of money and the talent to make it in Hollywood. This usually translates into people that know how to gather information and make good decisions. Trader Magazine each month has a celebrity invest $10,000 and they seem to do OK. I am not going to group all the models into one group but I would not be far off saying that many of them are not the best money managers and have no idea what makes a stock good. Amy McCarthy comes from a nice South Side Chicago family so she probably has read a business section or two. She actually picked StemCells and Terax Energy, two companies that are better than the beer company, restaurant, or snack food picks I expected. I guess the point of this is to prove they are smarter than I think. Time will tell but until then I’ll keep my porn and my stock picking separate