You love bars. And what’s not to love? A bar has all of life‘s greatest things. Girls. Beer. Girls drunk on beer. Golden Tee. And those classy neon signs displaying every type of liquor that bar carries and whether they’re open or not.

Every self-respecting bar has one, and in a place of prominence. Who says these flashy pieces of decoration should be exclusive to bars? If you’re thinking one of these babies would totally tie your room together, you’re absolutely correct. And not only can you now own one for yourself, you can customize it to say anything you’d like. You have something to say that warrants being in cool neon blue on your wall, and with the Do It Yourself Neon Sign Kit, you can create your sign on the spot. Plug it in, and you’re done. With its low heat and low power consumption, the sign is ultra safe. So, good to know you won’t be burning down your place just so you can tell visitors you do in fact have “free beer.”  The DIY Neon Sign Kit costs between $2.99 and $3.99, and can be found here.