Yabba, dabba do! Amazing Amanda Crew is Canadian, like her co-star Thomas Middleditch in HBO’s brilliantly funny and spot-on, high-tech sitcom Silicon Valley.

But as she claims to always say the wrong thing, she can’t exactly say what town she’s from. Why? She grins, “I’m from Langley… And you know how that saying goes, right? Langley, Langley, wanna bang me? So I’m not allowed to say it!”

The sharp lady, who rocks a killah smile, plays Monica, a venture capitalist who supports Richard and his Pied Piper crew on the series. Watch Crew in season three of Silicon Valley, which begins April 24th.

“Silicon Valley is a place we all know because we’re all using the technology, phones, apps, etc., that are created there. And it’s kind of like the Hollywood of that world… Our show is pulling back the curtain on what that industry looks like.”

We hear you’re a bit of a dork!
[Laughs] I am. I’m a real klutz, and still a geek. I tend to say the wrong thing at the wrong time—sometimes quite hilariously, without trying. Like me just choking on my spit when being interviewed. Thing is, I’ve never felt I belonged with the cool kids. I was kind of gangly and awkward. But I’m okay with that.

Tell us about that blog Granny Girls you used to run.
It was a lifestyle blog and super geeky, done with my best friend (Amber) until she had a baby, so we put the blog on hold as she raises her little girl. It was about DIY stuff, cool fun recipes and crafts, lifestyle things and dorky, quirky things. It was called Granny Girls because we were like grannies. We didn’t like to go out on a Friday evening; we liked to make cookies like grannies.

From your Instagram page, it looks like you’ve got a talent for photography.
Last year, I got involved in the 100-day Project. Thousands of people were doing it, you had to pick something that you really wanted to do and do it every day for a hundred days. They could do 100 days of illustrating or photographing cat eyes. I did “100 days of portraits and texts.” Basically, I took a photo of a different person each day and asked them what was the last text message they sent was, and put that on the photo. About 70 percent of the people I used on it were strangers. I have social anxiety so it was a test for me, too, trying to overcome my own phobias.

Did you meet any creeps or weirdos?
I did run into some weirdos, including this one a-hole at the very beginning in Atlanta and he was some big-time photographer, apparently, over there. He got wind of my project and told me I was never going to finish it. Yet, I was using a Canon 5D digital camera, a very nice camera that you can do a lot of things with, and he’s going, “Why are using that camera? Why don’t you just use your iPhone?” I was like, “WTF, why are you dissing on me?” So, basically, my last post was a set-up photo of myself with a text shout-out to him, “Didn’t work?” So, like it was me saying, “Hey, man, I finished it!”

So why do so many Canadians make it in Hollywood?
Well, there’s Russell Peters on Speakeasy (today), and I work with Thomas Middleditch in Silicon Valley. Why? We have a good work ethic, and we’re nice people and we look and talk like Americans. And yes, we Canadians all hang out down here together—so we celebrate holidays together. I also think it’s necessary that any time a Canadian is on TV or in a movie, you have to yell out, “They’re Canadian!” It’s like a weird twitch, but I do it every time. Those cool Oscar-nominated movies, The Revenant and Room with young Jacob Tremblay—“He’s Canadian!”—were shot in Canada.

What do you like about playing your character Monica?
You’re dealing with these highly intelligent people, like Thomas’s character Richard, but because they’re so intelligent, sometimes their social skills aren’t quite developed up to par. Monica is like how they would react in those situations, and how to navigate through these personalities. What I also love about Monica she’s a cheerleader for these guys and she’s 120 percent in for them. And will sometimes put her job in jeopardy to fight with them, as she leads with her heart.

Going into its third season, why do you feel Silicon Valley works?
Silicon Valley is a place we all know because we’re all using the technology, phones, apps, etc., that are created there. And it’s kind of like the Hollywood of that world… Our show is pulling back the curtain on what that industry looks like… Personally, I have no idea what really goes on, but I think the creators like Mike Judge have done a great job of creating that inside peek, and making it very realistic.

And what should we expect from the boys at Pied Piper this season?
As with all startups, there are always challenges. I can promise there’ll be more problems in season three, more ups and downs, victories and failures and a roller coaster of ride.