I have two broken ipods. An original mini that got too sweaty and the hard drive froze up and a new nano that I sat on and folded like a wallet. There are three things I can do with this things. One is to sell them, one is to fix them, and the third is do some thing funny with them and put it on the net (ie put them in a blender or build a computer case out of them). After all my research here are the 7 Best Places to sell your broken iPod.

iPod ResQ: They buy all used iPods. You simply fill out a form describing the unit and condition and they’ll email you back an offer. Typically it runs from $25 to $100 depending what’s damaged and how badly. They also offer a repair service that is considered one of the best. Review here

Ebay: This is most peoples first place to sell. I am always afraid that the one listed as new will be broken but all you have to do is be honest about what’s broken and you will get more than you expected. I’ve seen broken older mini getting $40 and I don’t think I saw anything much under $25. There were broken video ipods fetching $140. (Here is a list compiled by someone who did research on the average broken ipod sale price on ebay)

Brokenpod. They are a bit more picky but will buy many different types of iPods. You have to fill out a form and they get back to you. The best part is they pay via Paypal so it is a bit safer.

Craigslist. I was surprised how many people were looking to buy broken iPods on craigslist. Most likely there is a person near you that is buying. Meet him at the local blockbuster and now you have cash.

iPodMods: They specialize in making your ipod cool but will also buy broken ones. Again another email form with a reply. Will pay $30 to $150 depending on what is broken.

A pretty reliable service as well. I followed them on ebay and they have a 99.5% rating. Obviously they buy them and then sell them on ebay so why not just cut out the middleman.

iLounge Forums. These people know their stuff and love their ipods. As anywhere you have to be careful but you can get top dollar if you find the right person and know what the problem is.

Obviously ebay is the most popular but there are options. Hopefully one of these works out. If not you can always throw it in a blend and film it.

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