They didn’t show up for the CES. When you don’t have anything to show then there is no reason to come. I have no idea why anyone would love this stock. They don’t own the patent on recording TV shows on a hard drive and every company including Apple is about to release another way to record tv on a computer or harddrive. Tivo was revolutionary, no doubt, but so was color tv. I just believe someone will do it better and for free. Most people believe all the money is in making the content or delivering it but there is plenty of money in the end device. Tivo lovers adore their device but that is until someone comes out with something better and cheaper and then they’ll move on. The only thing that can save this stock is a buyout. Every long lives for it and every short is scared to death of it. I say buy the stock and sell the calls and you’ll be fine. Now back to to watching some recorded Mad Money shows. I think he was saying buy Lucent.