Here’s a little game. Tell me which one of the following will win each “fight”

1. Who will have the highest stock price at the end of 2007?

a. Google (Goog)
b. Chicago Merc (CME)

2.Who will have the higher Market Cap at the end of 2007?

a. Dell (DELL)
b. Apple (AAPL)

3. Which will come first?

a. We pull out of Iraq
b. Clay Aiken admits he is gay

4. Will Fidel Castro die in 2007?

a. yes
b. no

5. Which company will be bought out first

a. Netflix (NFLX)
b. Circuit City (CC)

6. Which will be rated higher on Alexa at the end of 2007?


7. Will corn break $5.00 in 2007?
a. yes
b. no

8. What will happen first?

a. Polar Bears go on endangered species list
b. Oil hits $80 a gallon

9. What will sell more units in 2007

a. Norah Jones New Album “Not Too Late”
b. Apple iPhone or whatever they call it

10. Which stock will give the best return in 2007

a. Yahoo (YHOO)
b. Ebay (EBAY)

I’ll probably get 2 responses (Mom I’m counting on you for one)