If there is one thing to say about me, it is that I am opinionated. If there is a second, it is that I am usually right but the only one stupid enough to say it. I really enjoy Wallstrip. I think it is funny and insightful. I understand the difficulties of trying to present information in a short segment. As I said before, I have a gardening segment on ABC and NBC. One is 90 seconds and taped and one is 2-4 minutes live, depending on how long the news is that day. I also am on a gardening show that is 30 minutes but live each week. It becomes difficult day after day to come up with original material that excites and informs the audience. Another issue is I occasionally host one show and I am the “talent” on the others. As host you don’t want to overpower the others trying to present the info. My job as host is lead in, keep the show going smoothly, comment and joke when needed, and close. Most people don’t realize how much work goes into a good show. The Wallstrip team has done a great job but here are some things I think can help Wallstrip become even more popular and profitable. Lindsay is great but she is more actress than host right now. These roles are completely different. Right now she has to do it all. She looks very comfortable in the skits but looks like she’s acting in the presentation. She’s fantastic and we all know it so time and practice will fix this. Next, there needs to be some form of voting to show which episodes are the users favorites. Only then can the writing team get a feel for which episodes the viewers like the most. Feedback is always helpful. A simple like or dislike button will suffice. I’m sure someone can write a vote and ranking script. It will also promote people to watch more episodes. Next, I read Frank Barnako’s critical articles and it pissed me off. I hate when people criticize but fail to mention what could be done better. I hope he was wrong about Howard only giving it 6 months (this would be March). What I want to touch on is the one area I agree about. Not enough people are commenting on the show. The banter needs to pick up. Like a good restaurant, all new sites are popular in the first few weeks but will they still be packed in 3 months? That seems to have dropped off. The whole “famous” bloggers taking part didn’t work either. I like the “conversation” section that searches for wallstrip on the web. What it shows me though, that all the “famous” bloggers that were originally part of the conversation hardly mention it anymore in their posts. They all have the widgets but that’s it. I’m not criticizing anyone for that just pointing it out. Somehow the site needs to become more interactive. I don’t know how to do this but the site doesn’t keep you very long. It is pretty much watch the show and leave. With all the widgets on all the “regulars” sites, many viewers may never even come to wallstrip. Lastly, monetization. The whole reason I am even writing this article is that i really enjoy the show and I want it to survive. It needs to make some money to survive. I know Howard has thought this out much more than I have but where are the ads? No, don’t post ads all over the place but a few would be just fine. If they wait to monetize it when the traffic is high enough then it may be too late. PS How about a home viewers contest. Have viewers send in their own wallstrip show. If they think they can do a better job then let see if they can. Set the guidelines. Have the Wallstrip team vote on the best 5 and post them and then let the people decide. It would be fun and interactive. Give prizes to encourage. There that’s it. My rant and opinions. Anyone else have any? Besides Shane you suck.