If the most exciting thing on your desk is a Post-it note reminding you to adjust your Fantasy Football team, you have a serious case of Lame-Desk. Millions are affected by Lame-Desk, but you don’t have to be.

Just imagine what kind of stuff Dr. Jones would have on his desk. A creepy gold fertility idol, an ark that melts peoples faces, the freakin’ Holy Grail… This beats the hell out of your Far Side calendar. And now all three of these can be yours – sized for your desktop and fully functional[sic]. The Fertility Idol that Indy used to barely escaped that huge ball of stone with is now conveniently a pen/pencil holder. And what are the odds somebody borrows a pen from that thing and DOESN’T return it to you? They wouldn’t dare risk it. Remember the Ark of the Covenant? Makes a great business card-holder. Last but not least, the Holy Grail acts as the coolest paperclip holder you will ever own. It’s not clear if this does, in fact, grant eternal life, but it’s definitely worth a shot. The Indiana Jones Desktop Accessories are priced from $34.99 to $39.99 and can be found here.