Red wines goes with beef, white wine goes with fish and milk goes with cereal. What does whiskey go with though? Bad decisions? Wild west saloons? Cirrhosis? No, there are actually some good food pairings with whiskey.


Whiskey, it’s what’s for dinner. Pick your favorite cut and have a man’s meal with some whiskey. I personally like filet mignon. It should be cooked medium rare or at the most medium. If you overcook it after spending $20 a pound you might as have gotten ground chuck. Burned meat tastes like burned meat no matter what it cost.

Pulled Pork

Pull my whiskey. BBQ is a classic southern dish. If you’re going to drink alcohol with it the drink should be bourbon or Tennessee whiskey. You’re probably going to have to go out for this since most people don’t make pulled pork at home.

Smoked ribs

There had to be a smoked meat on here. I personally like ribs. A good rub and lots of smoke and there will be plenty of flavor to hold up to the whiskey. You could go out for this too but if you have a smoker this could be a fun way to pass an afternoon sipping whiskey.

Pecan Pie

Another southern specialty. It originates from either Georgia or Louisiana. It’s definitely American though and needs to be polished off with an American whiskey. Getting a little burn from your drink could be a good counter balance to all the sweetness in pecan pie.

Sharp Cheddar

A strong cheese is good. I like sharp cheddar. The whiskey cuts through the taste of the cheese. This is good for sharing with other or if alone it’s pretty easy to manage your portion control.


I’ve never tried but this is something people do. There are some good Japanese whiskies now. Next time you go out for sushi give the sake a rest and try a Japanese whisky.


Like whiskey for chocolate. You’ll want to go with a dark chocolate. Foods with strong flavors pair best with whiskey. Chocolate is like whiskey in that there are some really high end selections out there for purchase. Don’t pair a Hershey dark with a $100 bottle of Scotch.