Here’s the thing about Antarctica: it’s really effing cold, and it’s really far away, and there are, like, basically no Starbucks. Sure, we’re all for appreciating the wide-eyed glory and awesome gravitas of Mother Earth that can only truly be grappled with from the poles, but we also really like crème brulee after dinner, and it’s so hard to make it with a can of Sterno. 

This is where you, and we, can look to White Desert Antarctic vacations for a trip to one of the most desolate, extreme, and hostile environments on the planet…without losing the creature comforts you’ve grown accustomed to in your well-appointed home here in Beverly Hills. 

Their top of the line package, the Emperors and Mountains package, includes 10 days out on the icy plains with up to 11 other of your favorite arctic explorers travel by private airplane to your base camp which rests at the foot of a 200 foot icefall. From there you’ll sojourn out alternatively into the mountains or to the nearby epic-and-cute Emperor Penguin Colony via modded 4×4 SUVs, cross country skis, and ice climbing gear. Check out more pics and make your reservation at the official site here.