Simply put: Dudes should wear white jeans. Yes, gentlemen, I understand your concerns. The thought of wearing white denim might feel completely out of your comfort zone. But as the weather starts to turn, it will become all the rage among men who are current and of the moment.

Imagine a pair of white selvedge denim jeans with a powder blue shirt, leather driving loafers and a pair of aviator sunglasses. It’s a crisp, clean look with a nod to sunny days.

In fact, white denim can be a staple in your wardrobe even in the dead of winter. Worn with a camel topcoat and turtleneck, you’d look like you’ve just stepped out of a 1970s film. White denim is timeless and, despite what everyone says about what months you’re allowed to whip out the white, we encourage you to wear it all year round.

That doesn’t go without saying that white denim isn’t, at times, the most unflattering thing imaginable—especially if worn wrong. Be sure to always wear white or nude-toned underwear. I made that mistake when I first began wearing white denim back in high school, and it was embarrassing. You also always have to watch where you sit, which is simply a rule when wearing anything white. We recommend you carry a bleach stick with you just in case.

Men, don’t fear this trend; it’s time to embrace it. If you are feeling a little apprehensive, test drive this style with a shirt you feel most comfortable in. Remember, because white is a neutral, it will go with everything.

Don’t knock it until you try it, folks.