There’s nothing more beautiful and exciting than when the local carnival rolls into town. It’s the only event that can be put up in a Subway Parking lot and completely erected in the time it takes to order a 6″ sub. It seems like it’s going to be just your ordinary day and then……Oh shit!!! Is that the Zipper?

The first thing that attracts me to the carnival is the outgoing friendly staff. They’re only here to make sure you have a good time. They have chosen a life of service and despite the fact that the bottom row of cans was glued down, I knew deep inside this guy wanted me to win.
The work of the carnival service personnel is endless. It may look as if he is sleeping but in reality I believe he is merely closing his eyes to go over last minute safety checks just one more time 

Local carnivals are synonymous with safety . I see the
tens of cables strung securely to the ground and know that if this ride did get stuck upside down, I could merely slide down one of these cables to get in the back of the line and ride it again.

Notice the attention to detail. There most likely is a civil engineer on staff because
when the ride fell down the first time I though “Damn, I’m not going to be able to ride this again”. But 3 pallets and some cut pieces of railroad tie and Bam!! I’m back spinnin’ and a grinnin’
One of my favorite childhood memories has always been the “Neverland Slammer”. I know it was supposed to be a bit scary but after a few glasses of the “Jesus Juice” and the photo session on Mr. Big Bed I always seemed to have a good time

Some things are too cool to ever go away and obviously Magnum is one of them. In order to avoid copyright infringement they dropped the P.I. and put Tom Selleck in a Detroit Tigers hat.

He always wore a Tigers hat? I guess I kept staring at the stash

After 3 hours and 400 tickets later I am not feeling quite up to eating and I know that if I wait a few minutes the food with still be plenty fresh because of their modern heating system. Now off to the games to win my honey a prize
Nothing brings back memories of the carnival more than the old
“Give the Pig A Pearl Necklace” game. The carnival worker was even nice enough to offer to give my wife a pearl necklace even if I didn’t win.

If I have troubles winning my lady a prize I always go to old faithful. The Balloon Pop Game. Many a Van Halen Mirror and feather roach clip has been won using my dart skills. I don’t know if this carnival used a different type of dart than I was used to because they all seemed to fade 40 degrees to the left on each throw. When I complained this guy was nice enough to give me 8 darts for a buck. $57 dollars later and this pro took home an awesome a Get’R Done Mirror and 14 Goldfish

You thought I was kidding didn’t you? After they kicked me out of the games for being so awesome the only thing left to do was to go eat some home cooked food.

When you go to a carnival a right of passage is eating a funnel cake. I have to admit I was a little dissapointed when I found out this was fried chicken covered in powdered sugar but it was delicious none the less.

And how could I pass up this. It would be sacrilegious to leave without eating at least one “Pig Butt on a Stick”

What a day! I came for a 6 inch sub and $242 later I leave with memories that will
last a lifetime. And a rash that my doctor says should only last a week or two

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