I think this is a pretty good matchup: Republican Vice Presidential Candidate – VPILF Sarah Palin and CNBC Anchor – Biz Babe Maria Bartiromo.

It’s a simple question – who would you rather?

After doing some careful thought and thorough analysis, I would like to hear your feedback before making a final decision.

When you boil it all down, it’s truly surprising how similar these two women are in so many different ways. Besides being almost the same age (Palin-44, Bartiromo-40), having very similar hairstyles/colorings, and both starting their working careers as journalists, there are some finer points you may have overlooked.

After the jump, we’ve assembled a photo list to help make up your minds:

1.) International Relations

Sarah Palin is the current Governor of the state of Alaska, which many Republican analysts have said gives her foreign policy experience ‘for being so close to Russia’. On the other hand, Maria Bartiromo has often served as the moderator for and been a guest speaker at the World Economic Forum. (Bonus WTF: similar jackets?)

2.) Looked Hot When They Were Younger

Sarah came in second place in the 1984 Miss Alaska Beauty pageant. Maria was one of the original hot foxes on CNBC when she joined in 1993, but before that, she was the hot young minx checking coats at her father’s Italian restaurant in Brooklyn.

3.) Look Great In Front Of The Camera

The first image is a screengrab from a recently surfaced Alaskan newscast where Sarah served as the sportscaster for the 10 o’clock news in the late 80s. You can find Maria every night busting balls on The Closing Bell programming hour on CNBC.

4.) Catfight Enemies

Sarah Palin is actively courting Hillary Clinton’s female voter base. A good political move because many of them may still feel disenfranchised after her primary loss to Obama. Maria Bartiromo has been battling off the biz babe hotness of Erin Burnett for the #1 anchor spot on CNBC. There may be a new money honey in town?

5.) Fans Of A ‘Big Guy’

Palin’s husband, Todd, is probably the burliest, most manly Alaskan dude you can think of. He’s a big “oil field production operator” who is also a world champion snowmobile racer. Awesome! On the other hand, I think this is a photo of Maria describing “what kind of guys she likes”.

6.) Get Along Great With Old Guys

Here’s Sarah giving a big hug to her 72-year-old running mate, Senator John McCain. Meanwhile, Maria interviews old bankers and CEOs all day on CNBC, and goes to lavish parties with cool old guys like Mario Andretti (to the best of my knowledge, they are not intimate).

So what will it be, guys? The first ever VPILF hockey mom from Alaska, or the Brooklyn-bred money honey on CNBC? Let us know in the comments section.