Although it appears 9,000 of Lehman’s employees will be getting a well-deserved reprieve from the unemployment line thanks to Barclays, I can’t help but wonder about all those beautiful women seen leaving the NYC and London Lehman Brothers offices yesterday toting heavy boxes. Surely these magnificent specimens of a ruined institution’s workforce must be in need of some appreciation.

So join us as we take a look at some of the hotties that passed through those fateful doors as the world watched Lehman Brothers file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Wall Street metaphorically catch fire.

Who would you most like to discuss a ‘corporate merger’ with?

1.) “I Need To Get All These Sneakers Out Of Here …Now!” via Reuters

2.) “The Tighter The Credit Crunch, The Tighter The Embrace” via Reuters

3.) “The Elusive ‘I Am A Chosen Barclayette’ Smile” via NY Magazine

4.) “We’re British But We Can Carry Heavy Boxes” via NY Magazine

5.) “This Box Is Full Of Staplers … And Hope” via NY Magazine

6.) “Signing The Biggest Dick On Wall Street” via Reuters

7.) “I Can Totally Outrun This Butch Cop” via NY Magazine

So what do you think? Let us know who gets your vote in the comments.

Also — NY Mag: The Broken Hearted Babes Of Wall Street, September 15, 2008

UPDATE: My bad on the messed up numbering. It’s all fixed now.