I completely understand not wanting to sign autographs all the time. He has work to do. He has to help run Apple and Pixar and constantly keep ahead of the cool curve in the world of technology. What I don’t understand is the he will NEVER sign autographs and gives you a “kiss my ass” when he tells you he doesn’t.

Doesn’t he understand that most people are asking out of respect and admiration? Apple fans live and breathe Apple products. He is a god to his fans and they would love to have nothing more than an autograph of the man himself. Due to his lack of signing his autograph is one of the highest valued of all living people today. If HE wouldn’t make such a big deal about it nobody else would. Again, Bill Gates is just as respected and his autograph is just in demand but he has a staff that handles it.

Here’s what I don’t get. For a mere $30,000 he could hire someone to read all his fan mail and then send out autopens like Bill Gates does with a nice, polite, mass produced letter. If he doesn’t want to autopen he could just send out the photo and say thank you for the kind letter. These people are the ones that put him where he is today. The spent their hard earned money on Apple products and a simple mass produced “Thank you” isn’t too much to ask. She could also find a couple of the extra special letters and have him write back personally. Because his auto is so valuable, why doesn’t he give some autographed mechandise to charity? He could raise hundreds of thousands if not millions by doing nothing more than donating a few signed things. Can you imagine what 10 autographed white iPods would bring?

It’s always pissed me off the way he reacts to autograph requests. I met him in Chicago at an event many years ago and I knew I was going to get the chance to meet him. My father is an Apple user and has been since 1976. He actually collects them and has every model made before Macs came around. I thought I was going to get my Dad the best birthday present he had ever gotten that day. I even brought a picture of a LISA with me for him to sign. When I asked him to sign he flat out ignored me. I even told him the story of my father and he acted like he had heard the story a million times and he probably has. I, at the time, didn’t realize he had a strict no autograph policy and couldn’t believe I talked to the man, got the nerve to ask him, and got completely ignored. I am not an autograph hound and nobody at this gathering could have possibly been one, it was a business gathering that the guy that put up the money for my trading account, invited me to.

Again I am not blasting the man for not signing an autograph for me. I was just trying to get my father a keepsake. I care more that the stock goes up. What I don’t like is that he cares more about the product than me. He doesn’t owe me a thank you or an autograph but when someone personally tells him they have stuck with him through the good times and bad times in a personal setting I expected some kind of reaction. Use your personal fame for some good. Give back a little to the people that have given you so much.

PS Steve, if you want to write me Dad and thank him, email me and I’ll give you his address. Let him be the first one on your journey to appreciation