and then put in the top stories section in the AP. I love the colonoscopy part. I felt like I was reading an Onion story.

Kentucky Governor Has Gallstone Removed

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Gov. Ernie Fletcher had surgery Monday to remove a gallstone after he was hospitalized over the weekend for discomfort, a spokesman said.

Fletcher, a 53-year-old physician, was recovering Monday afternoon, said the spokesman, Brett Hall. He said the lieutenant governor took over Fletcher’s duties during the procedure.

Fletcher was taken to St. Joseph East hospital in Lexington on Sunday after experiencing discomfort, likely due to the passage of a gallstone.

The first-term governor underwent an ultrasound early Monday indicating he had a gallstone embedded in a pancreatic duct, Hall said.

Lt. Gov. Steve Pence assumed gubernatorial powers for a few hours once before, in December 2004, when Fletcher underwent a colonoscopy.

Fletcher’s administration has been shaken in recent months by a hiring scandal. A grand jury has been investigating whether administration officials broke state law by basing rank-and-file personnel decisions on political considerations instead of candidates’ qualifications.

Fletcher has not been charged.