Some believe the best thing you can say about a vehicle is that it operates like an extension of your body. That thought popped into my head often while spending a New York weekend with the 2015 Jaguar F-Type Convertible. But then I realized that with regard to this ride, that notion doesn’t quite hold up.

Because in truth, this sexy beast is more like an extension of a superstar athlete’s body. Crazy quick, crafty, excited to perform, it makes me think of another pulse-quickening Brit: Liverpool soccer star Raheem Sterling, who spends his weekends wowing Premier League fans with his highlight reel-worthy exploits.

The F-Type, which starts at a cool $69,000, is primed for a highlight reel of its own, of course. And here are five reasons I’d love to spend much more than a weekend with it…

G’head, pull the trigger as you speed through traffic. At up to 30 miles per hour, the windows slide down and the roof rolls back in just 12 seconds.

1. It’s F-ing gorgeous.
Jaguar has always made aesthetically pleasing cars, but this particular model still stands out. From the headlights to twin exhausts to brand notes, the attention to detail is captivating. And the profile is super-sleek—even the door handles are recessed to ensure unbroken lines. No wonder the F-Type turned heads on every city street I cruised.


2. The top drops like a dream.
G’head, pull the trigger as you speed through traffic. At up to 30 miles per hour, the windows slide down and the roof rolls back in just 12 seconds. Just be prepared for feedback. The first time I dropped the top (about two seconds after I got behind the wheel) a passing construction worker yelled, “Hey someone stole my car—and my moustache!”


3. It gets going in a hurry.
My first real test of the F-Type was a trip to a drive-in movie theater 90 minutes from Manhattan. Traffic was slow getting out of the city, so I really had to open her up on the highway. I quickly switched to sport mode and kicked the pedal, bringing the 340 hp V6 Supercharged engine to life. I was up to 60 miles per hour in five seconds, blowing past my fast-moving counterparts like Mr. Sterling himself… and pulling into the drive-in 10 minutes before showtime.


4. The paddles are a blast.
Adventure number 2? A trip up to Bear Mountain, where there are loads of winding, tree-lined roads perfect for really putting the F-Type’s handling agility to work. With the top down, wind blowing and the 380-watt, 10-speaker Meridian audio system blasting classic rock, I was flying—and loving the 8-speed transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Switching gears was a snap, and this Jag chewed up asphalt like it hadn’t eaten in days. Too fun for words.


5. It gets you. It really gets you.
A pretty big buzzword in the tech world these days is “frictionlessness.” The idea is, the best-designed products don’t overwhelm you with their features so much as they seamlessly improve your life. In the same way, sliding into the F-Type is like entering a warm cocoon of understanding. The ultra-adjustable seat accommodates, the steering wheel fits nicely in your hands, the dash glows cool and the buttons are well placed. This vehicle accepts you, and even if you’re not a superstar athlete, from the moment you hit the ignition, you’ll most certainly feel like one.