I am one of those fathers who buy their children things when they are away too much. I work crazy hours during the spring so I bought my daughter a Wii to make myself feel better. I bought it for my daughter and once I started watching her play, I realized how amazing and revolutionary this new system is. The operating system is so easy to use. You simply point the controllers at the screen and it becomes a curser on the screen that controls the navigation. The games are so fun to play and actually force you to exercise while you’re playing. I will admit my daughter has thrown the controller into the window, broken a dish, and bruised her hand while swinging wildly playing the game (lawsuit pending unless I received another free system) I highly recommend getting wii sports and the other controller as soon as you get the system. I purchased mine on ebay for about the same as I could get it at the store so the prices have settled. I highly recommend the Wii and I promise to spend more time with my daughter now.