Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo ACTIVITY, 220 CDI, Exterieur, Aufstelldach, indiumgrau metallic ; Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo ACTIVITY, 220 CDI, Exterior, pop-up roof, indium grey metallic;

If you thought those wild conversion vans from the seventies were cool, get a load of the rides Mercedes-Benz recently showcased in Germany.

One of the vans, known as HYMERCAR Grand Canyon S, is practically a personal hotel on wheels. About the only amenities it doesn’t come with are a butler and turndown service. Then again, there’s certainly enough room for a couple of personal attendants—as well as, you know, friends—in the spacious cabin.


Created in collaboration with Germany-based customizers, the decked-out road warrior is one of many camper-themed models Mercedes showcased at the recent Caravan Salon trade show. And while the vehicle is actually based on the carmaker’s popular Sprinter van, it’s a far more plush take on the idea.

In addition to all the standard features we’ve come to expect in today’s vehicles, the Grand Canyon S also boasts a transverse bed with a surface area of roughly 6 ½ by 5 feet, a kitchenette and a fully equipped bathroom. Technology features include Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist, High Beam Assist and Collision Prevention Assist, to keep everyone safe when this van’s a-rockin’.


The Mercedes-Benz also showcased new models of its Marc Polo Edition vans at the Caravan Salon trade show, geared towards those who prefer a little more adventure on their road trip. The more luxurious take on the Mercedes V-Class-based Metris van features Mercedes’ me connect services, which allows owners to connect with their Marco Polo via their smartphone, tablet or PC for functions like a remote vehicle diagnostic report and remote access to the van’s heating system via a personal tech device.

But unfortunately, you’ll need to book a ticket to Germany to experience any of these new Mercedes wheels on the road. The specialty vans are not currently being offered stateside. YET.

HYMERCAR Grand Canyon S auf Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Basis – Exterieur ; HYMERCAR Grand Canyon S on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Base- Exterior;