Since Jet Blue had decided to charge us for everything we touch on the plane I figured I would put together an advance list of things I expect to be charged for soon.  I guarantee one of these will actually become true

“We Won’t Lose Your Bag” Insurance $15

“We Won’t Damage Your Bag” Insurance (presently not offered)

Carry on Bag Storage $10

Pressing of Button to Recline Chair ……..$1

Overhead Fresh Air   $1 an hour or $5 for entire flight


Disposal Service for Drink Cups $5 ($15 Fine for those who don’t use Disposal Service)

Bathroom Usage

Number 1……$3

Number 2……$5

Toilet Paper $.50 cents a sheet

Bathroom VIP ………$50 (allows you to cut in line, free toilet paper, free 1 and 2) Mile High $10 extra

Rental of Bathroom for “Mile High Club” achievement…..$40 (10 minute Max)

Crabby Flight Attendant ……..Complementary

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