Oscar-winner Willem Dafoe, who was creepy as hell in Boondock Saints and decently menacing in Spider-Man, apparently owns this house which is completely covered in neo-prene.

Not sure why he is selling it, but the house is getting a lot of buzz for being ‘totally 80s chic’. ‘The Rubber House‘, as it is known in the Accord, NY area, is well known by the locals.

Accord, NY is about two hours north of NYC and not too far from the hippie lovefest town of Woodstock.

The asking price for the wet suit pad is currently $850,000. What’s so great about this place? Besides it being in a relatively secluded wooden area and covered in rubber for some unknown reason, it’s only 2,025 square feet and has 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. (more pictures after the jump)

Maybe it’s selling for so much because Willem hid something really creepy in the yard or the deep freezer. Anyone care to guess a body part or women‘s underwear item?

I’m trying to think of a reason why neo-prene rubber would make a good exterior for a house. The heating benefits are probably marginal, so maybe he wanted a nice soft place to land when skydiving?

As far as expensive rubber houses go, it’s cooler than this black rubber house in the UK, but not as cool as my idea for a house made entirely out of Trojans.

(via Real Estalker)

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