We received many submissions for our All But Married contest with Sam’s Club and, unfortunately, we could only choose one winner.

This was his entry, which was accompanied by a photo of the couple:

“What can I say? High school friends and short-lived sweethearts separated by eight years and reconnected through Facebook (I like to tell strangers we met through Facebook — she doesn’t find this funny.) We live together, play together, hell, we even bank together and that took some serious convincing. She is gorgeous, funny, a soon-to-be CPA, and I wake up daily realizing that she deserves the world, or at the very least, one sweet ass rock on her finger. This woman is my life — she can cook and is happy to do so, loves football and wings, and doesn’t scream too loudly when I put the wrong clothing items in the dryer instead of laying them flat. We joke constantly that we ‘may as well be married’ but I want nothing more than to give my love and life to her for the rest of our lives in marriage. So please take a good look at that face and tell me no. I dare you.”

Congratulations, Stephen Partridge of Colorado, for winning our All But Married contest.

Original contest details

As giveaways go, this is a good one. Sam’s Club has given Made Man a diamond engagement ring to give away to one lucky Made Man reader. Yes, the place where you can buy everything from trampolines to baby wipes is in the jewelry game, and it wants the men of America to know that diamond rings, among other types of high-quality jewelry, are available at reasonable prices at all of its fine locations. To celebrate this offering, Sam’s Club is giving away a 1.45 ct. pave diamond ring set in white gold (pictured above).

So how do you win?

We’re calling this our All But Married contest. All you single men have to do is send us a photograph that shows that you and your girlfriend are All But Married. Show us seeming wedded bliss. Show us the two of you doing a classic couple activity. Show us how bored you are with each other. We’re looking for the most married-looking couple that is not already married. Then tell us how you are All But Married. The editors of Made Man will choose the winner.

Entering is a simple two-step process:

1.) Send us one photo

2.) In 200 words or less, tell us who you are and explain how you and your sweetheart are already like a married couple. Be real. Be funny. Whatever you like. Just be yourself.

Contest ends Dec. 16, 2010 at 11:59 pm.

Photos – including winner – will be posted on this site.

E-mail entries to altcontest@gmail.com

We’ll be in touch after the giveaway to find out how everything went. Good luck!

UPDATE (DEC. 16, 2010): Contest is now closed. We received a lot of submissions. Thank you to everyone who e-mailed us. A winner will be chosen shortly.

UPDATE (MON. JAN. 10): Here is the photo Stephen submitted with his entry.