offers online shirt customization. It’s crazy. We know. But, it actually works. We tested it out a few months ago, and we were pretty surprised how their digitally-bespoke wares fit our quite oddly-shaped editorial staff. You just go on the site, enter your measurements, fabric choices, and style of shirt/cuff/seam/button/etc, then hit purchase. It’s shocking easy to be honest.

Now, they’ve polished up their site and added new fabrics. Your shirt customization options are more than ever before, and they want to give you $200 just to celebrate this occasion. 


1)     Go make a shirt on however you want. 
2)     Go to our facebook, tell us what you made (or send a picture), and tell us why it’s pefect.
3)     Wait for the $200 gift card to roll in. 

That’s it! 

If you don’t to wait, they’ve got a deal going on that ends this Sunday – sign up for their newsletter for details. Even if you don’t want to do that, though, they’re offering 35% off during this competition, and, as always free shipping! Suit up, fellas.