A great watch is the symbol of a great man. Sure, we just made that up, but if it doesn’t convince you to start wearing one, think about this: action heroes wear watches. They’re always using them to time explosions and synchronize rendezvous points and all that. One such action hero is Taylor Lautner, star of the new action-thriller Abduction, in which he plays a young man looking for answers about his mysterious past. And in which he wears a watch. To celebrate the film’s release, we’re giving a Hamilton Aquariva, valued at $1,458, to one reader. Four runners-up will win Abduction prize packs. Read how to enter below, submit your entry, then check out Abduction, now in theaters.

In the comment section below, tell us your favorite action hero and describe in a few words why he/she is the best. Example:

“John McClane from the Die Hard series because he can walk through glass barefoot without batting an eyelash. Also, he knows his way around a brick of C4.”

Sound good? Enter your comment by September 30 at 12pm EST. We’ll pick the winners later that day.