The Hangover took the concept of a blackout binge and made it humorous, adventurous and even kind of noble in a weird, “man I love my bros” sort of way. The Hangover Part II did the same thing, but in Southeast Asia. In reality, hangovers tends to be far less glamorous, involving fewer adventures and more time spent nursing your throbbing head and upset stomach. Still, we like to think some hangovers are as fun as the movies make them seem, which is why we’ve partnered with to give away Hangover shirts to five readers. Here’s how to win one:

In the comment section below, tell us your go-to hangover remedy. Do you sleep through it? Down a gallon of water? Hit the aspirin like your life depends on it? Maybe you’ve got something more creative. Tell us your favorite remedy for a chance to win any of the shirts featured here. Comment with your submission by 12 pm EST on June 10. The five readers who submit the best remedies win. Later, we’ll publish a story featuring the winning remedies and the readers who submitted them.