Are you a Jim Beam loyalist? Do you carry a flask of the stuff to bars just in case they’re out? While your loyalty may not run that deep, just about any man can appreciate a glass of bourbon. Which is why we’re giving away a Jim Beam gift set, complete with shot glasses, a cocktail shaker, a flask and everything else pictured at right. What’s more, Kid Rock endorses it, and he’s tied his latest album—Born Free—to the release of Jim Beam’s new blend, Devil’s Cut. In fact, the gift set includes an autographed vinyl copy of the album. Check out the video below for a special shoutout to Made Man readers from Kid Rock, and more info on how to enter.

In the comment section below, tell us how you prefer to drink whiskey. Neat? On ice? With a splash of soda or ginger ale? Respond by November 4 at 12pm EST. We’ll pick a winner at random later that day.