This week, we’ve partnered with to give away three unapologetically badass t-shirts. All other t-shirts take a couple steps back when these t-shirts walk by. These t-shirts are the 1980s action movies of t-shirts. We’re not promising that they’ll give you the strength of a Navy SEAL or the resilience of an MMA fighter, but there is definitely a chance that they will. Here’s how to win one:

In the comment section below, tell us your most badass physical achievement. Have you climbed a mountain? Run a triathalon? Cut down a fully-mature Redwood tree armed only with a flat-head screwdriver and a half-a-bottle of drugstore whiskey? We want to hear it. The three most badass stories (as decided by our panel of experts) will win, and the winners will get their choice of one of the t-shirts pictured below. Enter your response by June 22 at 12 pm EST.