Like the idea of building cool stuff with power tools and throwing meat on an open flame? How about rolling your own cigars and, dare we say, blacksmithing? Well, Craftsman is offering an opportunity to become proficient in all that and more, while basking in the glory of nature, in the company of one of our favorite celebrities.

No, really, that’s what the Craftsman MAKECATION is all about. They bring you out to beautiful Lake Arrowhead, California for Labor Day Weekend, where experts in all these areas of manliness will show you how to do awesome stuff, with a special appearance by the legendary Rob Riggle! If you prefer watching to reading, this video breaks it down.

Best of all, they’re letting us give away one spot on the trip! All you have to do is fill out both forms below for a chance to win. (REPEAT: YOU MUST FILL OUT BOTH FORMS IN ORDER TO WIN.) In other words, a 30-second time investment could result in an unforgettable trip that makes you (at least) 30 percent manlier. So get to it! Come on, guys, blacksmithing…

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