We’ve covered grills and grilling tools and grilling advice in our Grill Spectacular package, but one thing’s still missing: the actual meat! For your next cookout, consider Steakhouse Elite. They’re putting a gourmet spin on beloved classics by incorporating flavorful American Kobe-style beef into their franks, burgers and ground beef products. A true lifestyle upgrade, Steakhouse Elite products come only from US-raised beef, are never frozen and won’t break the bank. They’re also actually a little bit—shh…—healther than the competition.

Want some for yourself? Go to steakhouseelite.com to check out the full line of offerings. But first, enter to win a grill party prize pack featuring two pounds of ground beef, 3 pounds of burger patties and a pound and a half of Kobe-crafted franks. All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and provide a caption for this picture. Best caption delivered by Wednesday, May 22, at noon ET wins. Good luck!