So you love wine, but the craving for it doesn‘t always strike you when there‘s conveniently a plate of cheese and a nice glass in front of you. No, you need to be sipping when you want to be sipping, like a true wine lover.

Because “wine aficionado,“ or anything followed by the word aficionado, really, makes you sound pretentious, perhaps you‘d prefer the term “wino“. However, wino isn’t the most flattering of terms itself, being associated with dirty men in dirty streets sipping dirt-cheap wine from dirt-brown paper bags. But what if you could class it up a bit? Not with a flask or a bottle, but with this Bota Wine Bag that you can actually personalize. This is some rustic-looking, days-of-yore stuff here that will make it look like you filled the bag directly off the vineyard in Italy, then rode off on your horse, swigging from this. Made in Spain, the suede leather is incredibly soft, and the rope-style cord makes it easy to carry–just strap the thing around your neck or on your belt. Drop your initials on the side of it in block letters to make it officiall. They also make great gifts. The Bota Wine Bag is currently on sale for $19.99 and can be found here.