Jacqui Ainsley has been striking poses in a strategic, militaristic way to raise awareness of the exact art and subtle science of how to be a wingman for Lynx‘s new sensitive skin products.  It is a fine art, indeed.  One that takes the rigor and honor that it’s Air Force-based moniker would suggest, and one that is becoming increasingly rare in the era of internet dating.  So, as a public service, we’re here to offer these wingman tips along with some pictures of the type of girl successful wingmanship can bring home: Jacqui Ainsley.  Good luck, soldier.

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Take a bullet

This is the classic wingman scenario, and it’s also every wingman’s worst nightmare. You’ve got a hottie with a horseface in tow, and as the wingman, you know what you must do. Put on your blinders, buddy, because you’ve got to distract Miss. Ed while your point man goes in for the kill on his little philly. What goes around comes around, though, and once you’ve earned your stripes, it’ll be your friends turn to take one for you next weekend.

Check field gear

Without the proper equipment, your point man stands no chance of a successful mission. It’s up to you to make sure that all of his equipment and skills are primed and ready for the field of battle. Is his collar straight? Is he wearing the right jacket? The right cologne? Is there bacon stuck in his teeth? You’re the first check on his presentability, and it’s your job to make sure there’s no obvious weaknesses to his body armor.

Run interference

There’s a lot of guys on the prowl in the bar, and only your point man is going to go home with the hottest girl. Part of your job as wingman is to distract the other guys in the bar or block their access to the primary target. You can simply stand in their way, but a great way to do this is the same way that worked in college: the drinking game. No male can resist an open quarters tournament, so set one up at a table far from where your man is making his kill.

Gather intelligence

The successful wingman is equal parts warrior, diplomat, and international man of mystery. You need to be working discreetly behind and on enemy lines to find points of entry for your man to breach. Find out the targets likes and dislikes. Find a common, or, demilitarized zone in which peaceful talks can be carried out. You lay the groundwork for your man so he doesn’t end up walking into a minefield like religion or politics. Just find out which college she went to and go from there.

Be the tip of the spear

When gunnery sgt. Jack Coughlin went in as the top-ranked USMC marine corp sniper in first wave into Baghdad, he knew it was dangerous work, but he knew he was the best man for the job. He was savvy, he knew the dangers of the field, he had an aggressive, unique perspective on his roll on the field of battle (be fast and be flexible). You should do the same thing. You’re the first man in. Walk up to the table of hotties and just start talking. You might take some frags, sure, but it’s for the greater good.