I’ve noticed a huge influx in TV advertising as the winter season approaches. Not sure if there’s a real correlation here between the recession and the increase in TV advertising specifically, but here are the 5 best new ads coming your way sometime soon.

1.) The first commercial I am particularly impressed with is this seasonal GameStop one. Moral of the story? If you don’t use our service, your Mom will find your secret stash of porn in the most traumatic and horrifying way possible. Now that’s effective!

2.) This next commercial is in Spanish, but I still feel it does a great job of proving a point. We’ve got a lovable little maggot sitting on a swing singing about how happy he is you didn’t donate your organs after you died. Because he’s eating you. Get it? I’m always impressed when something sad and morbid can be presented with a happy fun-time song.

3.) There are few things more fun than a waterslide. Get one of these bad boys in your commercial and you’ve got an instant positive feeling from the viewer:

4.) On the opposite end of the spectrum, this German tech ad shows off some amazing CGI with robot dinosaurs. Precision engineering and technical features and sexy robot babes? Very German!

5.) More great CGI, but this time with a more fun approach. I think these are the same lips from that awesome Gnarls Barkley music video. Dude really gets around.

videos found via AdFreak