In order to dress for success in the world, a man’s wardrobe should always possess a few key ingredients known as “fashion staples.” Akin to the staples within a household’s kitchen pantry, these must-have items will enable a man to effortlessly assemble outfits, when it is time to go to a job interview, on a first date or even out to lunch with his mom. In actuality, once an individual’s wardrobe consists of the right core ingredients — what to wear suddenly becomes second nature to him. Check out our list of 5 must-have items for every man’s winter wardrobe —

Oxford Sport Shirt

The oxford sport shirt is one staple item that is definitely a fashion essential for men around the world. Women absolutely love to see men rock this look, and it is one style that almost any individual can pull of with ease. Just remember that when rocking the sport shirt, a suitable fit is necessary at all times. Consider shirts in adaptable shades of white, blue, pink and black. Regardless of the color you choose to wear — the shirt should appear clean and bright — never dull or discolored in appearance. Check out one of our favorites — the Lacoste Washed Oxford Shirt available at Nordstrom.


Nowadays limitless versions of jeans exist, but when stocking your closet with staple denim items, look for timeless styles and hues. Dark denim never goes out of style, and it can easily be dressed up or down depending upon what you wear with it. Versions like the Hudson Jeans Slim Boot-cut Haymaker are ideal for casual weekend fun, or an adventurous night out on the town.

Black Classic Suit

Aside from going to job interviews or attending a friend’s wedding, the two-button suit is a timeless fashion piece that any man should own. The single-breasted classic suit is always a winner, due to its versatility and sophistication. Suits made from lightweight wool blends are best for year round wear. If you have the extra dinero, opt for a three-piece suit which allows for an even greater degree of flexibility. Pair the suit with the appropriate black leather dress shoes, black socks, a black belt, white dress shirt and a quality silk neck tie.

Wool Coat

Peacoat or car coat — bottom line is unless you are living in a warm climate like that of Brazil — a quality wool coat is a critical item for guys during the cool months of winter. Luckily, the fashion piece can be worn with smart casual attire, or dressy items like suits making it perfect for both work and play. As a fashionable and functional item — the wool coat is a useful addition to any man’s wardrobe that is packed with timeless appeal.

Dark Loafer or Boot

If your footwear is in need of an upgrade this season, look for a comfy loafer or stylish boot in a rich shade of brown or black textured suede or leather. When shopping for new footwear look for sleek styles one can wear to a club, lounge, restaurant, etc. — shoes that are capable of multi-tasking depending upon the specific environment.

By: C.A. Prescott