by Tyler V

Even though the Winter Olympics don’t begin in Vancouver until next year, Chickipedia can still show you the gold medal winners in hotness for all those sports in season when the temperature has plummeted as low as the worth of our 401K’s. The acheivements of these arctic athletes are even more impressive due to the fact that they are so hot they sometimes have a tendency to melt the snow and ice that they perform on. We’d like to highlight a few that you may not be familiar with.

But, please don’t ask about seeing some chicks in a “bi”-athalon. We’re trying to keep this site clean! Mostly.

Tanith Belbin

Tanith hails from our neighbor to to the north, though she has dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. She’s an “ice dancer,” which I believe is still just a pretty word for figure skater. “Chickipedia editor,” though, is basically just a fancy word for “hot chick stalker,” so I can’t really throw stones. Tanith’s already become incredibly successful in the world of ice dancing, as she’s won an Olympic silver medal in 2006 and is a five-time U.S. National Champion. A girl this gorgeous (with a similar look as Julia Roberts, perhaps?) could be a curler and we’d still be riveted every two years during winter.

Gretchen Bleiler

Gretchen’s a down-home girl from Toledo, Ohio with a silver Olympic medal, blonde hair, and a very ingratiating smile. Did we also mention that’s she had a silver medal, and is one of the most accomplished female snowboarders in the world? Ok, just making sure. She’s also into biking, fashion design, and breaking men’s hearts with her sexy body and girl-next-door smile.

Kristi Leskinen

Kristi is another homegrown girl who exhibits remarkable athletic prowess. She was tapped by different extreme sports merchandising agencies to become either a professional freestlye skiier or a wakeboarder; she decided just to stay on the mountains. That’s right, she is far better than you will ever be at two sports rather than just one. There’s something very sexy about a powerful woman like that who knows handle skiis on water in its very states of matter. She also, randomly, happens to be a huge fan of General Hospital.  Personally, I thought the show jumped the shark when Stuart Damon stopped playing Quartermaine in the late 90s…I mean, soap operas? Give me a break!

Jamie Salé

Since all Chickipedia readers follow Olympic figure skating very closely, I probably don’t even have to reiterate this, but Jamie and her husband David received a lot of notoriety from the North American press during the 2002 Olympics after being gypped of their gold medal in a judging controversy. The gold medal originally went to the Russians, but after a judge spoke up about being pressured to vote in favor of the Russian team, the medal was rightly presented to David and Jamie. Even though the ruling was supposedly caused by an errant step, it might be better to think that the judges simply didn’t want to award Jamie because of her amazing routine coupled with her incredibly sexy body and movie star looks. Then there’s the whole icy knoll theory and…well, you can look that up for yourself.

Sasha Cohen

Definitely not to be confused with the actor who portrays Borat, Ms. Cohen was a 2006 U.S. National Champion, 2003 Grand Prix Final Champion, and 2006 Olympic silver medalist. She’s a California girl who was actually trained as a gymnast when she was young and switched over to skating simply because she was so much better than her competition. Some gymnastics skills translated pretty well into her ice skating repertoire, however, which leads to wonderful photos like this one:

Thank the Good Dude above for multi-sport athletes. It seems like that could get pretty cold though….

Here’s a few more hot winter athletes for you, and look out for more sexy sports coverage in future Chicki articles.

Katarina Witt

Kiira Korpi

One More of Sasha Cohen Stretching…

Maybe I should watch more figure skating after all…