When it comes to snow sports, there are goggles, and there are holy-crap-these-are-awesome-look-at-all-this-cool-data-i-feel-like-the-terminator goggles. And the Smith I/O Recon ($650) most definitely falls into the latter category. Yes, it’s pricy, but that’s because—in addition to looking really cool—it’s the highest-tech snow spec to ever hit the market. In the lower-right corner of the lens, it boasts Recon Instruments’ MOD Live heads-up display, an internal data tracker/monitor that’ll forever change the way you see and sk’ride the mountain.

Now, what does it do? Oh, just measure your speed, altitude, jump height, GPS location, vertical covered and more while Bluetoothing with your smartphone to access music and communicate with friends. If they are similarly equipped, you can track their position on the slopes. Even better, you can view all that info via a tiny screen and scroll through it using the included wrist remote. (Having tried it in Vermont recently, we highly recommend doing any excessive viewing while you’re on the lift, as opposed to in the middle of a tree run). And best of all, you can download data to a laptop to prove to your bunnies, er, buddies that you really did ski the K12. Check out the video below for more details, then pick up your own sweet pair at smithoptics.com. Happy shredding!

Smith Recon Video from smith optics on Vimeo.