Remember that time you were on an epic hike and wanted to Snapchat from the peak but your phone died, so you reached in the depths of your backpack for the portable charger to save the day, but that was dead, too?

That time is no longer. Because, soon, the world will have the infinityPV HeLi-on, the world’s most compact solar charger. You can charge your external device (phone, camera, portable game console, you name it) in two ways with HeLi-on: via sunlight or the battery pack. Inside HeLi-on, there’s a printed solar panel and an energy storage battery bank, so it can both generate and store energy—and the solar panel actually rolls out. You could say we’re going back to our roots… The simplicity of this thing’s design is sort of reminiscent of an old film camera, but more efficient, of course. It’ll charge your smartphone in just two or three hours. For later usage, the internal battery can be recharged either with the solar panel or any USB.

HeLi-on is still crowdfunding through Kickstarter. So until you can actually purchase one, you might be forced to enjoy nature tech-free, a wild idea.