Just as science has proven that nude photos turn women on, people’s pupils dilate when they look at physically appealing images. But new research suggests that her eyes will tell you whether or not she’s into it, regardless of whether or not you’re in the nude.

Researchers from The University of Kent set out to determine whether or not there is a connection between how much someone’s eyes dilate and how sexually explicit the image they’re looking at is. They used eye-tracking technology and controlled stimuli—images that had low levels of sexual explicitness and images with high levels of sexual explicitness. The results show that pupils definitely do dilate when a person sees something sexually appealing, but it doesn’t matter how explicit that thing is.

“These responses were comparable when participants viewed both naked and dressed targets,” stated Dr. Janice Attard-Johnson, one of the researchers. “Our findings suggest that pupillary responses provide a sex-specific measure that is sensitive to both sexually explicit and non-sexually explicit content.”

So, obviously, eye contact is key in intimacy. But the major takeaway? The next time you’re trying to pick up a woman while fully clothed at the bar, just keep an, um, eye on her eyes—they give everything away.

Photo: iStock/Georgijevic