Let’s be honest: Many of us tend to suppress our sartorial senses in the winter time, when comfort and warmth take precedence over style. But while it’s not necessarily easy to look good and maintain feeling in your limbs in subzero temperatures, it’s also not impossible.

Tons of good-looking brands from Patagonia to Fjällräven to Burton and beyond promise to protect you from the elements without sacrificing your dignity, and men are spoiled for choice when it comes to options for everything from winter boots to winter jackets. But that doesn’t stop some from making questionable decisions.

We’ve told you before that short shorts (and cargo shorts) and graphic tees are not good looks in the summertime, and now we’re cluing you in on what women don’t like to see in the colder months. Take it or leave it, but here are their feels on winter wardrobe fails.

1. Rosalind, 25: “Smelly wool socks that somehow always have holes in them.”

2. Tori, 25: “Beanies with a brim. It reminds me of the awkward sixth grade.”

3. Alicia, 23: “Why do men wear scarves over their jackets instead of inside them? The point of a scarf is to keep you warm.”

4. Bridget, 25: “Jackets should be washed like all other clothes. Especially since nylon, which a lot of winter coats are made out of, shows every spilled coffee and dirt stain.”

5. Paulina, 28: “Put the turtlenecks away, Carl Sagans of the world.”

6. Erin, 26: “Wear a legit pair of winter boots. I don’t understand guys who wear sneakers or low shoes in the snow. It looks dumb and makes me cold looking at them.”

7. Jillian, 31: “If you invest in a nice winter coat, you won’t need to constantly buy a new one that falls apart after the wear and tear of one season.”

8. Taryn, 26: “Long johns…”

9. Alyssa, 25: “A hoodie with thumb holes you cut yourself is not a coat.”

10. Josie, 25: “Sweater vests are fine… for my grandfather.”

11. Lesley, 27: “Stop wearing sunglasses when there’s no sun outside.”

12. Molly, 24: “I’ll never understand those fingerless gloves. What’s the point?”

13. AnnaMarie, 25: “I’m really not a fan of sleeveless sports jerseys over hoodies, particularly when they’re not worn to games.”

14. Allie, 22: “When you wear a lot of layers, you also need to wear a lot of deodorant. It’s just science, and we can all smell your pits from miles away even through those layers.”

15. Christine, 28: “Heavy leather jackets that trap the smell of cigarettes for smokers.”