OK, maybe taking out all of those college loans will pay off in the long run—with the ladies, that is.

After analyzing data from their 2.9 million users, a dating app that uses your location to find people you’ve crossed paths with, Happn, has discovered the professions women are most attracted to. Any guesses? Ah, come on, are we really that surprised that lawyers topped the list for both men and women? It has to be all about the money, right? Well, lawyers are also well-educated, allegedly ambitious and typically wear well-tailored suits.

What jobs came next? Following lawyers, women crush on analysts (what does an analyst even do?), engineers (OK, they’re smart and hands-y, we get it), salesmen (suits again, maybe?) and doctors (cha-ching!) the most. 

Don’t feel too shitty about yourself and your life choices if you aren’t in one of these categories, though. There’s still time to go back to school if you really want to, and don’t forget, this is just the result from one app’s study. It doesn’t necessarily represent the interests of every woman you meet, man.

Oh and just in case you feel like you need some extra help in the dating department now, you can follow these steps to make yourself look more attractive to a woman. Oh, and try not to blow that online date by reading these tips, too. You’re welcome.

Photo: iStock/rafyfane