Research published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy suggests that there are no universal “sex moves that work for everyone.” We all have our own predilections and preferences.

With up to 80 percent of women having trouble climaxing from intercourse alone, you should be aware of these secret hot spots to keep things spicy. Communication is key, so we are starting the dialogue here. To give you some clues, we asked 11 women to share their most surprising erogenous zones. Here’s what they said.

1. Alaire, 28: “I’m super into when I’m on top and a man grabs under my ass—that “thigh gap” area. My inner thigh is really sensitive to touch.”

2. Taryn, 26: “Breathing in the ears will always do it for me.”

3. Jessa, 29: “I’d say that a not-so-obvious place I like to be kissed is my stomach. It’s just teasing sort of because I’m waiting for him to move down.”

4. Alex, 26: “Biting the earlobes.”

5. Molly, 27: “This is probably weirdly specific but I always like when a man is taking off my jeans and he grabs hold of my ankles after. It’s sort of restraining, which is kind of sexy.”

6. Jacey, 28: “The small of my back is so sensitive. Grabbing it, kissing it, biting it, anything drives me wild.”

7. Lesley, 27: “I like to be kissed on the backs of my shoulders.”

8. Liz, 25: “Kisses in the middle of my back when we’re doing it doggy style will put me over the edge.”

9. Kristen, 28: “I don’t have a foot fetish—like, I don’t want to play with his feet—but I wouldn’t be opposed to a foot massage in bed. That’s all I’m saying.”

10. Hannah, 25: “My neck is probably too obvious. But I also love to be kissed along my collarbone and shoulders.”

11. Amanda, 25: “Surprisingly, I really like when a man kisses my hand. I find it charming, but it also kind of turns me on. Maybe because it puts me in power.”

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus/miljko