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Most women aren’t going to be excessively mean to you, especially if they’re dating you. Most realize that insulting a man’s sexual aptitude is one of the lowest blows, literally and figuratively, that they can give. With that being said, some of you guys need to understand “woman code”. More specifically, you need to understand “woman code” when it pertains to things going on in the bedroom. If you hear these four things she’ll say, it means  you’re bad at sex, or at least a particular part of sex.

“Honey, I’m tired”. Listen, no one is ever too tired to get their back blown out in the bedroom. If she hits you with this devastating one liner to the jaw, it means you’re not doing something right. Sure, she could’ve had a tough day at the office. She may even be dealing with a truck load of stresses. She could very well be quite tired. But, you know what can cure ALL of that? Good sex. Good sex will send her off to the dreamland she seeks. So, if she elects to skip the horizontal bedroom dancing and get straight to the sleeping, chances are you’re lacking in the sex department.


“I have a headache”. Yet another load of woman code malarchy. By now everyone knows that good sex, preferably with good orgasms cure headaches. She knows this as well. The only way or reason she’d resort to this excuse is if she realizes that you aren’t giving her those orgasms. If you hear this excuse, you need to take drastic measures, and quick. It may be time for you to read a book or take a class. Don’t let headaches get in the way of your bed action.

“Ummm, I’ve never enjoyed that”. Believe it or not, there are scores of women that claim they don’t like it when guys go down on them. If your lady is singing a similar tune, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it, it means she doesn’t like how you do it. You ever hear of a guy that doesn’t like felatio? No, right. There isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t like the guy to engage in deep sea exploration of her nether regions. But, doing it wrong can be frustrating and uncomfortable to her. So, she’d rather just avoid it altogether if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hence the feeble excuse to save your pride and her clitoris. This is one you can actually directly address. Start asking her questions like “is there anything I can try that you might like down there?” or “maybe you can direct me and we can find out what you like?”


“…”.  Yes, nothing at all. Now, some women may not be that vocal in the bedroom. Some can tend to be extremely loud. But, it’s not what comes out of her mouth that’ll key you in to the fact that she thinks you’re bad at sex. Listen to her body. Moans are a good thing. Rhythmic movement to what you’re doing to her is a good thing. Legs shaking, nipples hardening, face flushing, are all good things. Her body’s going to be very vocal, even if her mouth isn’t. If she’s putting on her best bump on a log impersonation, appearing as if she just wants you to hurry up and get done, then you’re probably doing something wrong and she in fact wants you to get done. Here again, you can also be proactive by asking her questions about what she likes, what you can do differently or if there’s something new you can try together. Communication is key, not only for the health of your sexual relationship but for your overall relationship in general. So, if you want that bed to be a rockin’, don’t be afraid to get her talking!