At your latest pool party, you may have noticed fewer string bikinis. We’re very sorry—we know you’re a fan.

But whether you like it or not, there’s a lot more variety to women’s swimwear these days. And while it’s true some of the trending looks provide a little more coverage, they can be just as sexy.

If women’s swimsuit fashion has you flummoxed, read on…

1. The high-waisted bikini
This trend has been popular for a few years now, and some have accused it of looking like a diaper. The high-waisted bikini bottom dates back to the ’50s and is a classic look.
Why women like it: Women who choose this trend might have feminine retro style that they want to expand into their swimwear, or they just might prefer a little more fabric when it comes to covering up their rear ends.

2. The high-neck bikini
This sporty-chic trend covers up the cleavage, so you may not be into it.
Why women like it: This silhouette is much more supportive than the flouncy triangle top, so women don’t have to worry about losing their tops while participating in sportier water activities.

3. The high-leg one piece
OK, you probably don’t think these ones are so bad, since they summon memories of 
Baywatch. Get ready to see some ’90s lifeguard lookalikes strutting down the beach because this swimsuit style is everywhere this year.
Why women like it: This is a great choice for women who’d like to cover up their midsections, but still show some skin. Plus, the high cut elongates the look of the leg for Hailey Baldwin-looking gams.

4. Off-the-shoulder swim tops
The off-the-shoulder style is a huge trend in streetwear this year, and now it has ventured into swimwear. This style looks like a tube top, but has sleeves that wrap around the arms below the shoulders.
Why women like it: This is for women who always keep up with the latest trends. They can be a convenient way to go from partying to swimming, since they can be worn as regular shirts with jean shorts before hitting the pool.

5. Monokini
Yes it sounds like a cross between martini and the fatigue-causing illness Mono—but it’s actually a type of swimsuit. Think: Bi means two, so mono means one. The monokini is basically a cross between a one-piece and a bikini. It’s a one-piece with cut outs on the sides big enough to almost make it look like a bikini. Deceptive.
Why women like it: Women get the best of both worlds with this suit—it still has the sex appeal of the bikini, but with a little more coverage so they don’t have to put it all out there from the jump.

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus/Nemida