Talk about your all-time backfires. Men have recently been encouraged by women and pop culture to embrace the jiggle in their bellies, but now it appears you might just be jiggling your way to an early grave.

Scientists previously found that coming in “slightly overweight” on the Body Mass Index actually increased lifespan. Then, celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Seth Rogen made the “dad bod” look good. Let’s face it, chicks dig some belly to snuggle up on, and even a beard to caress. All of this was great news for those beer-drinking and pizza-eating dudes. Two out of three Americans are overweight, but the tubby tables have recently turned. 

Doctors have once and for all debunked the recent myth that possessing a “dad bod” is remotely healthy. A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine straight-up states that toting around excess body fat, even a little, is horrible for health. Specifically, overweight individuals carry a six percent increased risk of death, and that even goes for dudes who haven’t yet reached the category of obese.

So why do these findings contradict each other? The recent confusion was due to the fact that the original study only took the Body Mass Index into account. BMI does not consider body fat to muscle ratio, but only overall weight and height. This means that the healthy participants in the original study that may have clocked in at “slightly overweight” were in reality just built like Avengers.

“Our findings confirm that there is no benefit of being overweight on risk of death, and indicate that [being] overweight is actually associated with an increased risk of dying,” head demographer Andrew Stokes told NPR about the new findings.

Well, shit. Guess it’s time to drop the wings and pick up the dumbbells… tomorrow.