Nate “Igor” Smith has shot thousands of women nude—he prefers the term “naked”—over the years, both for high-class lad mags and for his own, mesmerizing website

He’s written porn, dated porn stars and had gallery shows of his topless photos (see an example at the bottom of this page). The man has seen some breasts.

In addition to his book Dinner with Igor, and the rest of the breasts in his life, he also has an inbox full of user-submitted photos. People comment on his photos. About what breasts are best. In other words, he regularly gets asked some form of the question: What makes great breasts?

“My hardest problem with monogamy is that I like so many different types of boobs and they are all so magical.”

He gave this thoughtful response:

Yesterday I got these boobs in my email and the girl asked me if I would rate them and post them… presumably because I see an unreasonable amount of boobs. Normally I only post photos I take but she asked very nicely it’s hard to say no to boobs.

I would rate these boobs on a scale of 1-10 as awesome, because all boobs are awesome. Seriously I love them all. My hardest problem with monogamy is that I like so many different types of boobs and they are all so magical.

Do I have personal favorites? Yes and so does everyone but everyone’s opinions are so different. The important thing is that if you love your body and are confident then other people are going to love it too.

I hear dudes talking shit about all manner of boobs and I think women might be even worse about it. I will hear some dudes complaining about saggy boobs, but saggy boobs are so soft and awesome. Some people will see a lady with really big boobs and complain about how she’s too fat and others will see a girl with really small boobs and bitch about that. Some people hate fake boobs and some people can’t get enough of them. Recently I heard a dude bitch about one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen because her nipples were too big, and then on the very same day I heard someone complaining about a supermodel because her areolas were skin colored and it looked like her nipples were too small.

The point is people are awful and no matter what your boobs look like someone is going to hate them… but you know what?

Someone else is going to fucking love them. I love photographing all types of girls and I love all sorts of boobs. So fucking love your boobs because I do too.

P.s. Thanks for sending me your boobs!

P.p.s. It’s cool to have opinions about what sort of bodies you are personally attracted to, but it’s also cool to shut the fuck up about them. Stop making people feel shitty.

I shared these words with my girlfriend and she agreed with me: Right on, Igor.